Mar 11, 2015

Busaba Thai @ Sunway Resort Hotel - Stunning Ambiance

Busaba BSC

A treasured gem that I can't wait to tell you all about.

Busaba Thai

I have to admit - I'm biased. The moment I stepped into a gorgeously furnished place like this, it automatically lifts my happy-mood. My meal almost always tastes better after that. Likewise, my visit here today.

But before that, remember to watch my Tour of Busaba video here!

Busaba Thai | Tour of Busaba

Busaba Thai at Sunway Resort Hotel is spanking new, barely a month old, alongside an earlier branch at Bangsar Shopping Center. And I was at there that evening, together with Malaysian Foodie and Malaysian Flavours, to sample of their signature Thai goodies. The name surely sounds zen to me, don't you think so too?

On that note, Busaba Thai is pork free.

Busaba BSC
Busaba BSC
Busaba BSC
Busaba BSC
Busaba BSC
Busaba BSC
Busaba BSC

Photography enthusiast, you'd be spoilt. There's so much to see and photograph here! After taking all of that in, let us now move on to the feast.

Butterfly Pea Honey. Rm10.

Thai Mojito.

Sago Skin Dumpling with Minced Chicken. Rm20.90.

One bite and I thought - strangely interesting. You'd get 6 of these dainty sago dumplings. The skin was sticky and sweet, stuffed with savory minced chicken. Don't get me wrong - it's not bad, just a tad odd for my liking.

Crunchy Angle Bean Salad. Rm24.90.

A must order here - crunchy angled beans tossed in Thai dressing, topped with bouncy prawns and chicken. 

Vegetables with Thai Shrimp Sauce. Rm24.90.

The highlight - fragrant Thai shrimp dipping sauce which reminded me of belacan. The chili seeds added heat to the sauce, thus only order if you have a spicy tongue, else you would end up eating just bland greens, like me.

Clear Seafood Tomyum (Rm19.90). Red Seafood Tomyum (Rm19.90).

Tiny portion but these were fantastic. Fiery no doubt, my friends were drenched in sweat midway through, but everyone kept going back for more, even me, the spicy-intolerant-eater. Beware of the slow after-burn!

Thai Green Curry with Chicken. Rm24.90.

Big fan of green curry - I remembered once where I literally licked the bowl clean. This was also quite good, though somewhat forgettable after all I had earlier. Eat it with the flat bread at the side.

Roast Duck with Kailan. Rm32.90.

A surprise favorite today. The roast duck meat was satisfyingly chewy, drizzled with special red gravy that had a hoisin sauce base. Praises aside, it could get a little salty towards the end.

Stir Fried Beef with Basil Leaves. Rm28.90.

These beef slices were also very well done - chewy but not dry and nicely marinated through.

Steamed Seabass. 

At hindsight, the seabass looked really attractive - loads of flesh, firm and fresh. However, it was not as flavorful as I initially thought it would be. We gobbled it all up anyway.

Sago Honeydew with Iced Coconut Milk (Rm12.90). Red Ruby Waterchestnut (Rm16.90).

Steamed Tapioca with Coconut Cream. Rm12.90.

Steamed Banana with Coconut Cream. Rm12.90.

Steamed Pumpkin. Rm12.90.

Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Ice Cream. Rm18.90.

Two desserts that deserve a specific mention here. The Mango Sticky Rice was amazing - the mango was sweet; the rice had toothsome textures; the coconut ice cream was delectably smooth. On the other hand, the Steamed Pumpkin dessert was unlike any other I've tried. The pumpkin was sweet and soft, the coconut cream custard had pudding-like textures and the sweet egg floss on top added a nice chew to the overall dessert. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Overall Rating: 8/10. While I'm writing this, days after my meal, I still couldn't stop reminiscing about those tastefully decorated art pieces and ornaments at Busaba, hand-picked and imported from Bangkok. Beautiful settings will certainly strike a person's mood, the minute they stepped through those doors. Food wise, I had a scrumptious meal, easily one of the better Thai restaurants in town. Matter of fact is, after all of that, the food here are not ridiculously overpriced, averaging at Rm25-Rm35 per dish, though portions may come tinier than usual. Safely bet, Busaba may make it into one of my Best of 2015 list - too early to conclude however (Read my Best of 2014 list here). 

Busaba Thai is located at:
Address: Lobby Level, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor.
Phone: 03-5612 1033 / 03-5613 1031

The restaurant is located at the entrance of Sunway Hotel (watch the video for exact location!). You can either park inside Sunway Hotel, or at the open-aired car park opposite of the restaurant, next to Marhaba.

Busaba BSC


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  2. How much did the steamed sea bass cost? Nice write up btw!

    1. Thanks Justin!
      Didn't manage to get the price of the seabass though.

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  4. I have to agree. The ambience is terrific & the food is good. The red tomyam was one of the best I've tasted for a Long time. About 20 of my friends had dinner there recently. Not inexpensive but if you order a few dishes & share it doesn't work out that bad.


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