Dec 25, 2014

Smoking Hog @ SS2 PJ

Merry Christmas!

Never have I done this before, I'm going to give you the summary of my meal from the very beginning.

A+ for Presentation. B+ for Ambiance. C+ for Taste. D+ for Price. Now, please judge from my write up below.

Smoking Hog

The entrance to Smoking Hog - hidden and very speakeasy. (Def. of speakeasy here). Located at the side of The Crab Factory SS2, there's an entrance with a red cloth and a small pig hanging on top. I would've easily walk pass this place, mistaking it as a kitchen door. Take the elevator up to the third floor.

When the elevator opens - I stepped out and felt as though I've entered into a world of its own. Again, very speakeasy. Dark colored hues, dimly-lit, leather couches and dark wooden slats. At places like these, the chairs and tables normally feels heavier than it looks, very classy vintage too.

Definitely my kind of place. I've always enjoyed dining at places that has a slightly shady vibe. That said, these settings are often a photographer's nightmare.

Like the name suggest, it's all about pork here.

The menu is split into two sections (a norm in restaurants nowadays) - the breakfast menu which ends at 5pm and the dinner menu which starts at 5pm. What you're about to see below are all part of the dinner menu.

Smoking Hog's Signature Bacones. Rm27.

Standing tall on a California roll stand, the bacones score A+ for creativity. Despite that, I couldn't help but sigh with disappointment when I pried it apart - mashed potato and scrambled eggs for that price?

Smoking Hog's Salt and Pepper Pork Fingers. Rm24.

These creepy deep fried pork chop and fries were very nicely done, but what gave this appetizer a surprise boost - the delicious dipping - coriander, honey, olive oil and green chili.

Smoking Hog's Spaghetti Bolognese. Rm33.

My top pick of today's meal - this simple yet scrumptious dish comprising a composed blend of minced beef, pork and lamb, with lashes of sweet, addictive and crunchy bacon. You have to try this!

Vegetable Lasagna. Rm24.

An abundance of 3 types of cheese and 11 types of vegetables go into making this lasagna. However, I though the flavors of spinach overpowered the entire dish. It can seriously do with less. We didn't finish this.

Aussie Pie Floaters. Rm25.

Sitting on a pool of gravy and mash, meat pie! I really liked the chewy edges of the pastry - those had incredible textures, a bit more of a filo-pastry one then a crumbly one. Though the gravy could've been a hint more savory.

Spicy Sharon

Overall Rating: 7/10. Most of the dishes I sampled tonight had me psyched up in the beginning but left me sighing seconds after - good looking at first sight but taste wise, it falls very short. I was really excited when I picked up one of those bacones, only to be disappointed on my very first bite. Thinking back, it applies to most of the dishes I had, apart from the spaghetti bolognese. That, you have to try. Also expect to pay premium here.

Despite that, what wins my heart here - the creativity and the excitement of not knowing how the next dish would turn out. Albeit the less than stellar combination of flavors, there's just something about this place that lures me back in. I still think that Smoking Hog has potential, provided they can get the combination of flavors right in due time. They are after all, still very new. Hopefully, they would focus a lot more on substance and service rather than just looking pretty. On that note, the breakfast menu looks interesting, descriptively at least, I may return for a pork-centric brekky sometime in the future.

Smoking Hog is located at:
Address: 21 Jalan SS2/64, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 03-7865 9239
Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm Daily, 12pm-11pm Fri & Sat, Closed Tuesday.


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