Dec 6, 2014

Delifrance Christmas Menu 2014 @ Avenue K KL

During my childhood years, me and my family would have occasional weekend treats at the Delifrance in Atria. Back then, this was a special place to go to, hence my visits over doesn't come too often and rendered memorable as such. We'd almost always order the same thing - the infamous kaya baguette and chowder - those were the ones which we were particularly fond of.

Over the years, with the influx of inde-cafes and the arrival of bigger-and-more-exciting restaurants, we disconnected. However, I'm sure many of you still reminisce of the good old times at Delifrance.


Today, I will be telling you about some of this French bakery's signature patisserie and menu items, together with some limited time only Christmas treats, running from now till the 26 December 2014.

I have also previously written about Delifrance's New Hot Meal, a permanent feature in their menu.

Before I go further, I am obliged to tell you about their amazing sandwiches! I am foreseeing an addiction here. Just a teaser - a little more on that later.

For this festive season, Delifrance is offering an assortment of cakes and breads, including the Santa Play Land gift cake (Rm48.90), Rocky Land gift cake (Rm35), Salted caramel tea cake (Rm16.90), Cupcakes (Rm5), Stollen bread (Rm9.90), Gingerbread man (Rm4.90) and Dark chocolate almond rocher (Rm15.90).

I will start with the Christmas hot dishes before moving on to their signature menu items.

Classic Turkey Pasta (with drink). Rm15.90.

"Where's the turkey?"
"It's turkey ham."
"Oh, alright."
The ribbon of turkey ham and spaghetti were decent. But what could've been better - the cheese sauce. I would've preferred mine a hint creamier.

Poached Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce (with drink). Rm34.90.

Salmon and dill sauce are match made in heaven. But this sauce was clumping horribly and the overall dish tasted very bland. I was sadly despaired as the salmon and mashed potatoes were individually done quite well.

Provencal Lamb Stew (with drink). Rm34.90.

Grilled lamb shoulder decked high with fluffy mashed potatoes beneath. A sensational sight, though taste wise - the lamb had a gamey aftertaste and the taste of herbs overpowered the brown sauce. Not a fan either.

Cupcakes. Rm5 (each).

Three varieties of cupcakes are available - vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Rocky Land Gift Cake. Rm35.00 (whole cake).

We had a go at their Belgian chocolate cake topped with ganache as well. The toppings are usually the best.

Now lets take look at some permanent menu items.

La Tartine. Rm6.

Fancifully named La Tartine, every mouthful felt nostalgic yet wonderful - one of my all time childhood favorites. From the crispness of the baguette, to the sweetness of kaya (coconut custard). 

Ham and Cheese Sandwich.

Lightly toasted thick and buttery bread layered with a slice of ham. What I really liked about this - the crunchy cheese bits on the edges.

Mini Tartlets. Rm80 (30 per box).

Topped with a generous slice of fruit, I had fun popping these dainty fruit tarts into my mouth.

Chicken Lasagna (with drink). Rm17.90.

The lasagna did not disappoint either, it was delicious. The layers of pasta had just the right amount chewy thickness, alongside light tangy sauce and minced chicken, topped with gooey and melted cheese.

Chicken Steak Sandwich. Rm12.90.

This is what I've been telling you about. The chicken breast meat was tender and juicy - not an easy feat to do hand-in-hand mind you. And their signature savory sauce complimented the overall flavors exceedingly well too.

Streaky Beef Sandwich. Rm15.90.

The highlight of my meal - this sensational streaky beef ciabatta. The folds of beef slices came generous and the secret blend of BBQ, honey and cream cheese sauce was perfect. What clearly stood out for me - the caramelized onions, those were addictive and had a nice crunch to it.

Overall Rating: 6/10. Some hits and misses in today's meal. Hits - the beef and chicken sandwiches. Misses - the supposed highlights turned out rather abominable, the salmon and lamb stew were the least of my favorites. My take would be this - stick to the deli menu. After all these years, Deli France still decks up a fair selection of pleasant patisserie and cafe items. Be it the amazing sandwiches, the lasagna or the La Tartine, of which all I would definitely return for.

Delifrance does catering as well. Do drop by, email or call any of their 11 outlets for the catering brochure.

Deli France is located at:
Address: Level 2, 156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL
Phone: 603 7842 5718 / 6012 223 9806 (after office hours)
Opening Hours: 8am-10pm Daily

Same level as Taste Enclave.


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