Nov 25, 2014

BMon Cafe @ The Strand Kota Damansara

For today's review, I'm bringing you to a conceptual eatery and also one of the most value for money cafes that I've stumbled upon of late.

Bmon Cafe

Kota Damansara is like a maze. Scouting for parking spots takes strategy and buckets full of luck - loads of that.

If you don't mind walking, you would need to be familiar enough to know which areas are less congested, thus would normally have empty spots. But your ultimate aim is this - to find a parking lot that is strategic enough to walk yet not too far off the block, shaded, so that if it rains you won't be drenched, somewhere preferably without direct sunlight, so that the car won't be stuffing hot when you get back on. It takes effort.

BMon Cafe though, is located at The Strand (not in the mall), where parking lots come slightly more plentiful and obviously less crowded compared to its neighbor.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese anime characters, from the hand-drawn artwork on the walls, to the personalized cards near the entrance - all handpicked by the owners themselves, a little mismatched perhaps, but there's plenty to photograph here.

At about a month old, BMon Cafe is still very much at infant stage, serving an assortment of simple light eats as well as pastas and pizzas. You won't get fancy poached eggs and fluffy pastries here though.

Vegans - you would love this place, they have some pretty amazing mushroom and tuna concoctions. A little more on that later.

Honey Milk. Rm9.

BMon Plants. Rm13. 

Green Tea Latte. Rm11.

Ice Soda. Rm8.

Purple Rose Tea. Rm12.

Tuna Mayo. Rm10.90.

Tuna is an unconventional choice. But this had the perfect mix of tuna and mayo in a big bowl of fresh greens.

Fruit Mayo. Rm10.90.

For those opting for a slightly sweeter and juicier finish, try the fruit mayo salad.

Tuna Wrap. Rm12.90.

What I really liked about this wrap - the thin and lightly toasted edges and those tasty tuna mayo mix. Don't let it sit too long though, this could get soggy.

Mushroom Wrap. Rm12.90.

The wrap has 5 types of mushrooms in it - button, golden, oyster, shiitake and portobello. All nicely sauteed in an enjoyable wrap of flavors.

Turkey Ham Sandwich. Rm14.90.

The highlight of for me would have to be the croissant - nicely toasted yet fluffy inside.

Mushroom Pizza. Rm13.90.

Now, that's one generous pizza - loaded with mushrooms and cheese! It could do with a bit more seasoning nonetheless.

Hawaiian Pizza. Rm13.90.

Again, they are definitely not thrifty with toppings, don't bother with utensils, eat this with your hands! I couldn't wait to pop one of these into my mouth!

All Day Breakfast. Rm16.90.

Maneuvering pass the lighter eats, I was a hint disappointed in their big breakfast - the bacon was bland and so were the eggs. The least favorite of my meal.

Chicken Mushroom Carbonara. Rm13.90.

Hits: Huge and generous servings of chicken chunks and mushrooms. Misses: Overcooked pasta and the cream sauce felt artificial. There're room for improvements.

Chicken Bolognese. Rm13.90.

Again, the pasta came overcooked but overall, this tasted more palatable than the former. Be prepared to share!

Hippo In A Pool. Rm14.90.

Construction of this is time consuming, hence only five portions are served daily. Enticing combo of textures - freshly mashed potato croquette, hard boiled egg, corn, ham, chicken floss poured over special cheese sauce.

Chocolate Mud with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. Rm10.

Homemade vanilla ice cream served alongside a light chocolate mud pie. And yes - the vanilla ice cream is yellow!

Waffle with Strawberry Ice Cream and Fruits. Rm12.90.

Fantastic waffles -  aromatic, simple yet appealing presentation, but more importantly, delicious waffles!

Waffle with Strawberry Ice Cream and Fruits. Rm12.90.

For me, the waffles could be a big selling point here. Easily one of the better servings I've had in awhile.

Overall Rating: 7/10. BMon should take pride of their cleverly fused tuna and mushroom mix, the generous pizza toppings and their decadent buttermilk waffles. Expect service to go a bit slow since they're still trying to get the grasp of things. They are also in the midst of tweaking and potentially adding more new and interesting items in their menu. More importantly for me though, the food served here speaks value for money! I rarely stumbled upon cafes that serves waffles and wraps at just slightly over 10 bucks!

In the meantime, there's also a 10% ongoing student discount and there's no service charge here.

BMon Cafe is located at:
Address: No 8-1 Jalan PJU5/20B, Petaling Jaya Malaysia.
Phone: 03-6158 9993
Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm Daily

Located upstairs of Fruit Trading and Jojo Pan Mee at The Strand - not inside the mall but the other side of Kota Damansara.


  1. Thanks for the lovely article and the perfect review of BMon Cafe. You are so great to have this review because I also like to have the best time there. Many people try to find the best places for having the best time with their friends and enjoy the best food.

  2. will try it this weekend :)

  3. I saw sauce starting to drench the tuna wrap >_<

    1. I noticed that too ><. hehe. we let it sat there to photograph for a tad too long....


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