Oct 5, 2014

Sunday BBQ Buffet Brunch at Las Vacas @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng KL

My Muslim friends always ask me, "Do you know of any Halal steak restaurant in KL or PJ?". I struggled to answer at most times.

On the top of my mind, I can only think of Las Vacas and Coliseum. On that note, I shall go eat more steaks.

Las Vacas

Parking at Las Vacas was such a breeze and it's free! What a stress-free way to kick start my Sunday morning.

So there I was, on a lazy Sunday morning, still full of Top Shelve from the night before, but very eager to gormandize on some meats.

While Las Vacas are best known for their signature Australian beef and New Zealand lamb, be it the striploin or the wagyu ribeye, they also carry a good range of sausages and burgers in their menu.

Today I'm introducing you to their Sunday barbecue brunch buffet. Priced at Rm69.90++ (Adult) and Rm34.90++ (Kids), from 11am - 3pm only. You'd get unlimited servings of their signature beef and lamb, as well as an assortment side dishes. Ala carte menu will be served as usual. Drinks are not included.

What a nice place to dine at isn't it.

The place is huge - you can either dine indoors with the comfort of full blast air conditioning, or dine outside, al-fresco style. There is also a play-pan area for those with kids.

The buffet settings here are really simple - everything is served outdoors. You can however, carry your plate and dine indoors, at your own comfort, like what I did.

On Appetizers:

You'd get to choose from either cereal and milk or an assortment of baked breads. While I was tempted to scoop a few spoonful of coco-crunch from the jar, I paused and thought - why am I having cereal at a barbecue buffet. I hurriedly closed the lid and decided not to. A tweak: Some salad greens and some mushroom soup would be nice.

On Mains:

This is the part that gets everyone excited - a buffet lineup of 10 variation of hot dishes, consisting of Australian steak and New Zealand lamb, pasta, omelettes and sausages. There were also bowls of pickled food and burger sliders and sandwiches included.

The Hits: The lamb was literally calling out for seconds; the beef and chicken sausages - those were really good; the spaghetti bolognese was very well done too. I have to admit though, the Australian steak was not as impressive as I thought. My past tasting has raised the bar so unreasonably high that its difficult for me to spot my favorites nowadays.
The Misses: Give the burger sliders and sandwiches a miss.
The Tweak: They really didn't need the pickled food. Most of it was left untouched when I left the restaurant.

For Desserts: 

There were about 4 types of desserts and a bowl of fruit. Apart from the cheese tarts, the rest are negligible. On that note, dessert tongs were non-existent - I had to use a fork to get hold of a cube of cake.

Lastly, a picture of me and Renae.

Overall Rating: 6/10. For the buffet selection given, I thought this barbecue buffet felt overpriced at Rm69.90++ per person. Maybe I'm being unfair, comparing the price tag with the ones I'd normally get in hotels, but I was merely disappointed. I'm a huge fan of meat you see, steak especially! That said, if you're there solely for the steaks, and wouldn't mind eating just that, this would be the perfect buffet for you. On the constructive side, I would love to see more meats - with different flavors perhaps, it is a barbecue buffet after all. 

Las Vacas is located at:
Address: No. 33, Lot 5, Ground Floor, Wisma Winbond, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL
Phone: 03 2181 5586
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily


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