Jul 8, 2014

New Zealand Natural @ The Curve

The perfect way to end a warm Friday evening - with tempting scoops of luscious ice cream of course!

New Zealand Natural

One misconception that most people have on ice cream parlors - they only serve ice cream.

Here at New Zealand Natural, you not only have more than 20 types of premium ice creams to choose from, but also a range of signature sundaes, gourmet waffles, pastries, coffee and tea to boost. In today's review, I will be sharing with you some of my favorites that I sampled that evening, together with some of NZN's best sellers.

Spotting a new look as well as a new color - have you noticed that NZN now has a more relaxed, al fresco setting, plenty of wooden structures and docked in lime green and blue, instead of the traditional blue it used to be?

In conjunction with the Ramadhan season, NZN is running a 30% off promotion for the month, for all takeaway tubs, from 5pm onwards daily. And of course, flavor of the day promotion is ongoing all year round, at Rm3.90 per scoop. What a great dessert treat after a full on day of fasting!

And as for me, it has been awhile since I've last dropped by for an ice cream. I was very excited to sample some of their cooling goodies, made heavenly in this tropical heat. Check out the sugar-rush infused laughter!

I tasted a handful of ice creams that evening. So much so that I was lost count of what I had. Fortunately, my favorites were unforgettable. Starting my review with the ice creams first.

Full list of New Zealand Natural ice cream flavors Here. All ice creams comes in a cup or a cone.

Small 1 flavour - Rm6.90
Medium 2 flavours - Rm11.90
Large 3 flavours - Rm14.90
Toppings - Classic (+Rm1) Premium (+Rm2)

Durian lovers, you are in for a treat! The D24 Durian Divine ice cream that I had was indeed divine - pumping with durian flavors and with bits of durian pulp inside. You can get it for Rm3.90 on Sunday!

On the popularity note, its hard to find rum and raisin ice cream, but they have that here too. Or opt for one of their new coffee flavored ice cream, the affogato. 

My pick would have to be the Durian divine, Cookies and cream, Mint choc kisses and Pomegranate sorbet. 

Mango Pudding Sundae. Rm11.90.

The mango pudding sundae came with a scoop of mango sorbet, mango pudding and jelly at the side. This was a refreshing change to the richer ice creams. I had fun poking and scooping this up before shoving it into my mouth.

Banana Split. Rm19.90.

Three massive scoops of your most conventional ice cream flavors together with two halves of a banana. Though the bananas was a tad unripened, this was a typical but good mix that would never go wrong.

Waffle Dazzle. Rm9.90.

Belgian waffles topped with honey and chocolate sauce, with a scoop of ice cream of your choice. I'm a huge fan of waffles, but I thought these could have been a bit more crisp on the edges and fluffy inside.

Old Fashioned Doughnut with Ice Cream. Rm9.90.

This combination was fabulous. One good ol' fluffy doughnut complimented with one of the best sellers of NZN, the cookies and cream ice cream. All mine! All mine! I would definitely order this again.

Cookies. Rm4.50.

These are not your standard sized cookies mind you! The oatmeal cinnamon raisin cookie was good but the chunky double chocolate cookie was amazing - rich chocolate flavors and toothsome textures. We managed to snagged the last piece on display for sampling. Lucky us!

Muffin. Rm6.

Imagine molten chocolate lava cake - but as a triple chocolate muffin. The warm muffin was rich, soft and had a nice spill of melted chocolate in between. The wild blueberry muffin was also quite good, though not as standout as the former.

Baked Sardine Puff (Rm3.90). Chicken Rendang & Spicy Tuna (Rm4).

I wanted something savory to neutralized my then extremely sweet taste buds, hence, I had a go at the savory puffs. The chicken rendang puff was easily my favorite - the fillings were hearty, savory and pipping hot when served, but I was really hoping for a slightly crispier and crumblier filo pastry.

Caffe Mocha. Rm7.90.

Coffee here uses illy coffee beans. Now, the coffee art could have been done way better than that right? 

Smoothies (Rm9.90). Juice Blends (Rm8.90). 

NZN serves 100% pure juice blends. The one on the right, that's the affogato thick shake - not too thick, not too rich, and not too sweet. 

Health & Floral Tea. Rm6.90.

Oh, those pretty Dilmah tea bags. I had a go at the Pure peppermint tea, Pure chamomile flowers tea and the   Organic rooibos tea. All the fruity flavors. Yet another wonderful way to end a streak of sweet treats.

Overall Rating: 7/10. It was a great evening, accompanied by awesome company and fabulous cold treats from New Zealand Natural. That said, in the category of premium ice creams, presentation and taste wise, I thought it wasn't as stand out as some of the others I've tasted. Oh one thing I regretted - not trying out every single flavor on display.

New Zealand Natural is located at:
Address: K-G10-W Ground Floor, The Curve, 6 Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya.
Phone: +60 3 7710 8095
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm Daily

Other New Zealand Natural outlets located at KL Convention Center, Setia City Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Tropicana City Mall, Sunway Carnival (Penang) and Gurney Plaza Penang.


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