Jun 8, 2014

Shabu Ten @ 1 Utama PJ

I'm feeling absolutely gleeful that it's a three day weekend for me. Replacement holidays are such a bliss.

While I'm writing this, slumped laziness on my bed and searching for inspirations on what to do next, perhaps I shall start rolling Pharrell's Happy on the background, since I'm in such a mood.

On a side note, I'm still trying to get the grip of covering buffets. There is so much to write and photograph at Shabu Ten. Hence, you will be seeing an influx of pictures in awhile. 

Shabu Ten

Shabu Ten has been running on full speed since November last year, serving a wide array of fresh Japanese Shabu ingredients, Sushi as well as Agemono. 

Located on the first floor of One Utama's rainforest, I was there on a Wednesday night to sample some of Shabu Ten's buffet delights. What a fantastic way to end my mid-week blues!

Prices of Shabu Ten as stated below.

Now, I would highly recommend coming for the buffet dinner. Tempura prawns, fresh oysters, salmon sushi and some types of agemono are only made available during the dinner session.

Do note that dining quota is two hours and there is also a wastage charge imposed. Eat all you can, but don't take what you can't. Geddit? Geddit?

In the meantime, there are a couple of really exciting stuff happening at Shabu Ten.

Firstly, pay with a Hong Leong Debit or Credit card - for every 2 paying adults, 1 kid gets to dine for free!

There is also an ongoing Birthday promotion happening. Just flash your IC and you'd be able to grab hold of a 50% dining discount, on the actual day and also 3 days before and after your Birthday.

Also, for a limited time only, a complimentary seafood platter will also be given to every paying customer. Remember to claim your platter!

Despite being a weekday, the restaurant was bustling with activity. I was there at about 8pm, peak dinner time I suppose. If not for a table that was reserved for us, we would probably be seated at the buffet counters - among adverse space limitations. Bookings are not taken, so walk-ins only.

Starting my review with the soups.

Soup Base: There are essentially two types of soup base available - Tom yum and Chicken. Not a whole lot to choose from I know. But for an extra Rm5.90, please order the pork bone soup. It was hearty and wholesome, very mild with a hint of sweetness, and comes with two halves of a corn and a handful of red dates.

Shabu Selection: There are about 50 types of fresh seafood and sliced meats. If you don't see what you want on the conveyor belt, feel free to make an order.

My pick: Go for the seafood. The ones I had were really fresh. The prawns especially, those were bouncy and a definite must try. Don't overcook them though!

Sushi Selection: There are about 20 types of sushi on the menu but everything goes on rotational basis. Hence, there's not a whole lot to choose from at once, probably 6 different types at the buffet counter. Neatly arranged and constantly replenished. 

Agemono Selection: At the buffet counter, there is also a handful of Agemono or deep fried Japanese dishes. From chicken wings, to gyoza and squid karaage. Yet again, the selection is rotated. For those who enjoy prawn tempura - you'll be spoilt.

Salad and Greens Selection: To be dunk into the soup or eaten raw.

Sauce selection: For me, the sauce selection weren't that tantalizing, I've had far better. For those who enjoy fiery sauces, opt for the green chili dips. If there's one sauce I'd like to boast about, it would be the one right below. It's a shoyu based sauce that is more sweet then savory, and would probably go well with almost everything.

Drinks and Desserts selection: There is not much happening at the drinks and desserts counter either. For ice cream - sometimes it's vanilla; sometimes it's green tea. If you're lucky enough, the green tea ice cream is really good - not too sweet and smooth on every spoonful. 

Before I end, a few pictures of Me and Careen gorging on our Japanese shabu feast!

Overall Rating: 7/10. Dinner was good; Company was great. What I really liked about Shabu Ten - the fresh seafood. You will not only be feasting on the conventional fish balls and mushrooms, but also a bundle of bamboo clams, blue mussels, scallops, abalone slices and salmon fillets, to just name a few. They are definitely not petty on quality. I did not get to enjoy a whole lot of sushi and deep fried dishes however. The ones I really liked weren't served that day. For now, there is only one branch in the Klang Valley but I heard they're expanding really soon.

Shabu Ten is located at:
Address: Lot 337 & 338, 1st Floor rainforest (new wing), 1 Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya.
Phone: 03-7492 2148 / 012-2326844
Email: enquiry@shabuten.com.my
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun11:00 - 22:00


  1. Wow! It looks so good... that array of sauces too! :D So near my house as well.. gonna pay a visit when I'm back!

    1. Let me know when you are back too! We shud catch up! =)

  2. I really not happy with the price charged on kids as they can't eat much for example my daughter of 5 years old only manage to eat a few fish balls, handful of veggie, some jellies and 2 scoops of ice-cream! But luckily I have HLB credit card to waive it off my bill :P


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