Jun 30, 2014

Bad Boy Cooks @ Setiawalk Puchong KL - Cheap American Eats

Another hot weekend at Setiawalk, cooled by a gigantic plate of cookies and cream.

Bad Boy Cooks

American diners - like this one, are so called atas version of a fast food joint in The States. But in Malaysia, we call it a kopitiam. On that, I will be lowering my standards slightly on the food served here. American diners are not your typical Chili's joint mind you.

Today, I will be bringing you to an incredibly affordable American diner called Bad Boy Cooks. Red, brightly-lit and a clean interior - loving the vibrant vibe already.

I love American food - those unhealthy slabs of red meat and humongous portions fit for a 500lbs sumo wrestler. Despite my astonishing eating habits, Thank God I still have an exceptionally functional metabolic rate - for now.

Starting my review with the only salad we had that day.

Bad Boy Caesar. Rm8.

 Good mix of salads. Dressing tasted fine. Parmesan added an extra flair.

Country Mushroom Soup. Rm6.

 Probably from the can but was creamy and delicious.

Italian Tomato Soup. Rm6.

Probably from the can as well, but this time, too sour, slightly watered down and boring. 

Bad Boy Wings. Rm6.

 A favorite among my friends. The chicken wings had a nicely crisp skin and was surprisingly flavorful.

Bad Boy Mash. Rm4.

 Fluffy mash and onion gravy was alright.

Chili Nachos. Rm6.

This was already soggy by the time I got to it. Didn't get a chance to sample this.

Bad Boy Fries. Rm4.

An extremely ordinary basket of chips.

Tempura Fish Bowl. Rm9.

Value for money. Battered fish was delicious and it came with a big bowl of rice.

Beef Patty and Mash. Rm13.

The beef patty is like your typical burger patty - but on a plate. Too overcooked; too dry.

Cajun Chicken. Rm12.

The deep fried cajun chicken was seasoned and marinated well. However, it was also quite dry.

Grilled Fish. Rm12.

Value for money. Big portions of dory fish grilled well - nicely crisp outside; juicy and flaky inside. 

Grilled Lamb. Rm19.

Yet again, too chewy and too dry.

Chili Olio with Beef Bacon. Rm11.

Sadly, the pasta was a little under-cooked, thus chewy, but the garlic oil did wonders to the dish.

Fried Bird. Rm9.

The chicken breast patty was yet again, too dry for my liking.

Double BB. Rm13.

The burger bun was stale and spread with a hint too much butter and the beef patty came a little too salty for my liking.

Hotdog with Mushrooms.

Overflowing goodness of mushrooms and onions. Nothing to shout about nonetheless.

BB Chili Dog. Rm12.

Too soggy and messy to be eaten in a mouthful don't you think?

Bad Boy Madness. Rm19.

Nice to look at but definitely not of top quality ingredients. Not that I'm expecting much to begin with. Having a brownie in between two cookies are not the greatest idea either. The entire jenga would probably tumble on the first attempt of breaking apart the cookies. 

Overall Rating: 8/10. The rating given today is not based purely on presentation, quality and taste of food in entirety. Rather, more towards the value for money factor. For the price of most dishes in the Bad Boy Cooks menu, I thought the quality of food served were quite decent - some were misses but most were hits. Where else can you get such cheap American food in the Klang Valley? Let me tell you this - the Bad Boy Cooks concept would work really well with most Malaysians, provided it opens in the right locations. To date, there are only two outlets thus far, one in Oasis Ara Damansara and the other one here. Both outlets are packed most of the time.


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