May 6, 2014

CoffeeSociété @ Publika Solaris Dutamas KL

After days of running around with little rest and in solemn need of sleep, I crawled out of bed tirelessly on a Saturday morning, with the sole purpose of looking for something to eat. A little more on my running-around-escapades on the Friday edition of Spicy Scoops series soon.

About an hour later, I stepped into CoffeeSociete, awakened but not in entirety, in dire need of a second cup of coffee.

Coffee Societe

While some coffee lovers were gawking at the 3D coffee artworks at Coffee Stain by Joseph just a few doors away, I was gaping at precious cubes of coffee on Nutella with a jar of chilled milk at the side, at CoffeeSociete.

Many claimed that this cafe serves better coffee than the former, so I'm here to prove likewise, or otherwise. CoffeeSociete have another sister-cafe, Garage51 at Bandar Sunway.

Mocnatella. Rm14.90.


Coffee ice cubes + Nutella + Milk = Fabulousity. Very mild and definitely one of the must-haves here, especially for first timers!

Flat White. Rm8.90.

House blend coffee done well.

The Big Brekkie. Rm23. 

There are two big breakfast platter in CoffeeSociete's menu - The Awesome Breakfast (Rm18) and Big Brekkie (Rm23). This is the latter.

Now, let me just zoom into what I didn't like about this dish. The ham tasted stale, the poached eggs overcooked, my favorite baked beans was replaced with what I thought tasted like mushroom sauce, and the culprit of them all - the beef bacon was missing. Was there bacon? No, I definitely don't recall bacon. Partially my fault for not noticing. Not exactly a great first impression isn't it?

Societe Eggs Atlantic. Rm24.

The Eggs Atlantic was well - ordinary.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10. The ice-cube coffee was great - I figured coffee was better than Coffee Stain by Joseph. Food was just okay - quick to arrive but nothing to shout about. Still can't get over the fact that I didn't send the plate back for the missing bacon. Ambiance was fine - though for a moment there, it felt as though I was at a mamak, with the large number of foreign workers parading around throughout my meal. On a side note, I noticed a Coffee In The Dark poster hanging on the wall - free flow of coffee for Rm10. Why not?

Address: Publika, Block D4, Level G3, Unit 3A, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 KL.
Phone: 03-6211 5523
Opening Hours: 8.30am-11pm (Weekdays) 10.30am-11pm (Weekends)

Located outside of Publika mall, a few doors away from Coffee Stain by Joseph.


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