Mar 26, 2014

La Crêperie de Caroline @ Bangsar KL - Delicious French Crepes

French crepes, Aaron Paul, Lamborghini & Ferrari. That sounds like a great weekend!

La Crêperie de Caroline

First and foremost, I have to apologize for the bad pictures. I contemplated between sitting outdoors - where haze and heat persist, or dining comfortably indoors - amidst dim lighting, but lush seating and cool settings. But of course, I settled for the latter. Comfort spoke louder than words. It really wasn't an option to sit outdoors to begin with.

Being less than a year old, La Crêperie de Caroline is a relatively new French eatery located along the bustling streets of Telawi, Bangsar. Serving a handful of authentic French cuisine, including burgers, croque monsieur, sandwiches and waffles, but notably on its sweet and savory crepes.

The owner, Caroline, hence the name - La Crêperie de Caroline, is an eye-catcher - with blonde hair and all. But one thing I'd notice throughout my meal, she was very hands-on. From managing the cash register to running in and out of the kitchen. Its always nice to see the owner present more often than not.

We sat ourselves at one cozy corner of the restaurant and proceed to order two crepes to share. 

La Fermiere. Rm26.

The crepe was soft but the edges was crisp. La Fermiere came nicely folded on a lightly toasted crepe with a thick layer of emmental cheese in between.

The fillings were rich but at just the right note. I really enjoyed the slightly bitter aftertaste from the cheese on every mouthful. The chunky chicken thighs and the slightly slow-cooked egg at the center - those were a tasty addition too.

Caramelized Apples and Homemade Salted Butter Caramel. Rm24++.

The sweet crepe came a little more doey and perhaps a tad wet. However, it tasted equally scrumptious.

The drizzle of salted butter caramel and sparse sprinkles of icing gave it all the flavors it needed, garnished with a couple of dainty servings of crunchy caramelized apples. The crepe really wasn't excessively sweet and tasted fine all in all. Though I would still prefer my crepes lightly toasted.

Ice Lemon Tea.

The rain from the night before took away some of the haze that blanketed our skies for the past couple of weeks. Perched under the shaded sidewalk, it was a nice and breezy Saturday afternoon.

In a noteworthy attempt to shy away from the haze and heat, I guess most are still opting to stay indoors. It was a rather quiet Saturday afternoon or so it seemed. Restaurants weren't exactly bustling with activity though searching for parking spaces were still unfruitful and we ended up parking inside BV once again. For those who are unaware, hourly parking tickets are still compulsory on a Saturday, within the vicinity of Bangsar that is.

If you'd follow this blog often enough, you'd noticed that I don't usually post legions of pictures of myself. But I thought, since I have a more prominent chin now, I should really take more self portraits before the immediate effect wears off. If you have no idea what I just said, you can read more about what I went through Here.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10. It was a simple yet wonderful brunch. Both the savory and sweet crepes I had was delicious and unquestionably unique on its own. But the hefty price tag would probably be the main factor curtailing a revisit. Thirty bucks for a crepe - French or not, seemed rather exorbitant. These are merely tea time pleasures after all. I have to add though, I'm extremely keen to give their Croque Monsieur a go. Will come back for that next time. 

On that note, all pictures in this write up was taken using the Sony Alpha 5000.

La Crêperie de Caroline is located at:
33 Jalan Telawi 3, 59100 Bangsar KL
03-2202 0238


  1. Dim lighting getting in your way? Time to invest in a flash. XD

    Food looks great but Bangsar is a place I tend to avoid.

  2. Oh finally! Photos of you in a review! Lol

  3. So envy u eat so much good food but still can maintain a nice body ~~


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