Feb 26, 2014

G Yitang Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Taipan USJ Subang Jaya

Remember the curry steamboat review I did at G-Yitang not long back? (Else, you can read it Here)

Today, I'm taking you on a dim-sum ride.

聚一堂 G-Yitang Hong Kong Dim Sum

It was a sunny Saturday morning. The place was packed and I was seated right at the corner of the restaurant. Sunshine was beaming directly onto the window sill. It was warm and I feeling a little sweaty, yes - but I didn't mind one bit. I had great view of the bustling restaurant; I enjoyed people watching; and I definitely wouldn't mind the extra natural light for the greater good of my food pictures. 

If you follow this blog, you'd notice that I'm doing this review slightly differently. Today I came on a mission - a mission to test out a new camera. Hence, if you scrutinize the fine image quality, you'd probably notice the disparity. Some pictures were taken with my loyal GF1 and the rest with the Sony Alpha 5000. Can you spot the difference?

Withal, I was quite happy with most of the shots I took. To the extend that I'm going to make this review a photo-centric one by limiting my ramblings and concentrating more on edible art. What say you?

At G-Yitang, only during weekends, a dim sum trolley will be pushed from table to table. Bringing you the authentic Hong Kong dim sum experience they say. And of course I was extremely excited and eager to pick out my favorites at the same time - staring at those lovely siew mais and colorful, steaming baskets of dim sum stacked high.

We sampled most of their signature dim sums. But I really couldn't resist the few, colorful ones I spotted when the dim sum trolley rolled pass. I sneakily grabbed a few baskets and quietly placed it on the table to share, without anyone visibly noticing - at least that's what I thought. But of course it was all worth the hassle.


We had fun ripping apart those steaming pork buns to share, poking and taking numerous snapshots of the spilling siew long pau, tackling the messy and oozing salted egg yolk from the lau sa pau, gorged on dainty pieces of pork dumplings and prawn wraps, savoring crispy bean curd skin with a crunch - over small talk and while sipping on pipping hot Chinese tea. What a great way to kickstart the weekend!

Click to enlarge for G-Yitang's Dim Sum Menu. Price wise, it averages out to about RM5/basket.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10. With already a favorite dim sum place in mind, I can't deny that I came a little bias. Personally, and most importantly, having fantastic servings of essential dim sum offerings would be a deal-ringer for me - the type of basic dim sum dishes that every table won't fail to order, siew mai, har gao, chee cheong fun, char siew pau, yu yun, lo mai kai etc. In G-Yitang's case, despite sampling some of their more unique signature dishes, I kept going back to the basics. It was great to have a range of extras to sample, but I really didn't fancy those so much. My advise is - stick to the essentials and you won't go wrong here. I wouldn't rush to order the rest. 

G-YiTang is located at:
48, Jln USJ 10/1B, USJ 10, Subang Jaya 47610 KL
03-8081 6488
Opening Hours 7.30am-11.00pm (Mon-Sun)


  1. Oh, you guys took from the trolley?

    Off topic, you really like to play around with your blog layout, huh? So you've decided to venture to lifestyle now. XD

  2. Did too.

    Off topic - Kinda addicted to HTML editing. =)

  3. The dim sum here sucks. Went once, and never looked back again

  4. I kind-of agree that the food is not fantastic.
    Though not entirely great either.


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