Feb 13, 2014

Dubu Dubu Seoul Food @ 1 Utama PJ

Happy Chinese New Year Guys! How did you welcome the Horse year?

Dubu Dubu Seoul Food

I had dire cravings for Kyochon Fried Chicken that day, but sadly, the restaurant was closed for the festive season when I dropped by. It was after all, the second day of CNY. Nevertheless, not letting my hunger persist - there I was, standing in front of Dubu Dubu, for yet another round of Korean food.

Despite being peak dinner time, we managed to snag the last table available, right at the corner of the restaurant, in a cosy, yet chi-chi setting.

Moments later, we were handed a menu. A sneak peak - I noticed that prices came much more affordable than the Korean BBQ Restaurants that I'm somehow more accustomed to nowadays. Apart from its price, I was glad that choices came abundant as well. A friend had Korean BBQ the day before and wanted to shy away from those for awhile. Disappointedly though, my favourite Ojingeo Bokkeum (squid with rice cakes) was no where to be found. On a side note, this place is Halal.

Citron Tea (Rm6.90). Peach Tea (Rm6.90). Barley Tea (Rm3.50).

Side Dishes.

I would highly recommend the Rm2 add on for a set meal. It comes with three banchans, steamed Korean brown rice, and a bowl of soup. The side dishes are not refillable. What was missing though - my favourite sweetened anchovies.

It was certainly more convenient to have my meal served on a tray. At times, I don't fancy the idea of fidgeting with the tiny dishes when everything arrived all at once.

Honey Garlic Bulgogi Chicken (Set). Rm17.90.

This was a sweet-sweet success!

Chunks of chicken thigh marinated and stir fried in sweet honey garlic sauce, loaded with bounteous amount of onions and peas-in-a-pack, and topped with a sunny side up. Do not underestimate its portion - there was a whole lot going in there. Value for money I'd say?

Honey Garlic Bulgogi Beef (Set). Rm20.90.

Like the former, the beef version was equally good. Juicy and flavourful slices of beef in sweet honey garlic sauce. The runny yolk added an extra oomph!

Kimchi Gogi Chicken (Set). Rm15.90.

One look at the dish and I thought - what a massive bowl of gogi!

A simple dish of stir fried chicken thigh and cabbage, yet made so gratifying. It tasted a touch different compared to the former, leaning more towards the spicy and sour side, from the kimchi. Withal, this was a pretty satisfying dish as well.

Click Here for Dubu Dubu's Menu.

Overall Rating: 7/10. For me, this is a decently good and cheap Korean restaurant worthy of visiting. Though it is obvious that food served is very MSG laden - I suffered post-MSG face and body bloat. Nevertheless, prices were reasonable, portion came generous and the dishes we sampled was alright all in all. There is another Korean restaurant located at LG Promenade, Old Wing of 1 Utama, Ko Hyang Country Delights. Used to be one of my favorites but with my newly-found excitement at Dubu Dubu, I may just stick to the double-D's for now on.

Dubu Dubu is located at:

Lot S345, 2nd Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya


  1. Dubu Dubu - under The Chicken Rice Shop group. Went once to try at Dubu Dubu, Mid Valley after persuaded by the owner. That's when I got my confirmation that Korean food is not the food for me. It tasted okay but not really my type of dish.

    1. You no like Korean WHY!
      The place is not bad, for a commercialised outlet that is =)

  2. pass by this shop numerous time but always no urge to go in :P

  3. happened to me too - plenty of times. And I visited this place on default after finding out my first choice wasn't open. good find tho - food is not bad =)

  4. wow, the sets look like they can comfortable feed two people! have always passed by this place, but have never actually gone in... may actually try now =)

  5. Hmm, somehow I didnt have a good experience with this shop. The food came crazy slow, and the kimchi jiggae I ordered was like 80% tofu 20% soup. But hopefully it's a lot better now :)

    1. really? same branch? awh - perhaps it really depends on what we order. I shall give the kimchi jiggae a go next time - just to test it out =)

  6. I have happened to try this before with my sister after so many fails from korean restaurants in Desa Park city and the rest... so I'd stick to this for now but has anyone tried Ko-Hyang and compared with dubu-dubu???

    1. Hi,

      I've had both, with preference leaning towards Dubu Dubu. Here's my link on Ko Hyang if its of any help =)



    2. I think I will try out Ko-Hyang and post my review later on...but for the main time have you found out any new korean restaurant worth exploring???

    3. Hi, Hover over to the Korean tab above on the navi-bar ya. Thanks.


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