Jan 31, 2014

Charlie Chaplin @ One City Mall Skypark USJ

Another one of those lazy weekends which required an impromptu food escapade to fill in the gaps.

This time round, we decided to explore some place new rather than being confined to the sometimes-boring corners of PJ.

Charlie Chaplin

Not long ago, a couple of friends prompted me to visit One City Mall, a new establishment situated in the vincinity of USJ. There are only a handful of shops opened to date, mainly restaurants. But it was probably the multiple stand alone eateries which excites me.

Location wise though, it felt like I was driving miles away from home; not exactly next door from where I live. Thus, ocassional visits would probably require much more than food endevours.

Nevertheless, scouting for parking is still relatively hassle-free. However, being a newly established commercial area, traffic routes didn't seemed very well planned. It was confusing navigating my way around!

Moving on to Charlie Chaplin. With such a catchy name and nostalgic layout, you can't possibly walk pass this place without quietly wrenching out your cameras - for a picture of course!

Set alongside the legacy of Charlie Chaplin, who rose to fame during the silent era in the 1800s, the nostalgic interior are largely inspired by the classics - a black and white odyssey that needs no introduction. I absolutely adore conceptualized restaurant like these - setting the mood for a unique dining experience.

The restaurant originates from the US.

The temporary Charlie Chaplin Menu was printed double-sided, on a sheet of brown sugar paper.

The waitress was nice - briefly running us through the menu. As descriptions were non existent, I had to ask for recommendations.

Plum Juice. Rm12. Lemongrass (Hot & Cold). Rm12.

My friend was complaining that his plum juice had way too much ice in it - it was gone in seconds! Do request for less ice!

Pizza Chicken Mexicano. Rm22.

My first taste of charcoal pizza!

It tastes the same, really. Charlie Chaplin's version was delectable, topped with a crisp layer of juicy chicken and cheese. My favourite bits would have to be the crunchy edges. It was like biscuits!

Pasta Fruit of The Sea. Rm25.

Essentially a seafood spaghetti with a tomato sauce base, like the name suggests - Pasta Fruit of The Sea came with a handful of seafood - scallop, prawns, squid, clams, mussels, and a triangular-cut charcoal bread on top.

The spaghetti tasted just fine, but I thought it could probably do better with a touch more sauce.

Raspberry Chili Dressing with Duck. Rm20.

This salad was not my first choice - I wanted smoked duck sesame potato as garden intermezzo. Sadly, it was not available on that day.

Nevertheless, it turned out surprisingly tasty. The salad had a tinge of sweet-sour taste to it and the smoked duck complimented the dish well. Though I have to add that it wasn't as memorable as the one I had at De' Amour CafĂ©, Kota Damansara.

Overall Rating: 7/10. My meal at Charlie Chaplin was largely satisfying, with highlights being the crispy charcoal base Mexicana pizza. I figured this is the kind of place in which ambience probably speaks louder than the food served. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to sampling their full menu, due to be launched in a couple of months time.

Charlie Chaplin Address:
OneCity, Jalan USJ 25/1, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan


  1. I can see from the picture that there's quite a number of people downstairs but not on the upper tier.

    1. yeah. One city mall is a new mall after all. its gonna take awhile for the crowd to come in. CC is doing pretty good already I reckon =)


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