Dec 2, 2013

Gangnam88 @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Fancy a dose of Korean BBQ at midnight? Fret not, Gangnam88 can do just that - they close at 1 am!

Gangnam 88

Upon stepping into Gangnam88, a whiff of charred BBQ aroma and sweet scent of jjigae lingered.

One thing I love about Korean restaurants, they always go the extra mile on personalization - myriad of pictures of Korean artiste, gazillion of nitty-gritty stuff dangling off the walls and also, the colourful sticker-filled elevators!

At Gangnam88, you'll get the usual's - plus 40" LCD screens at every corner, blasting Korean MTVs and talk shows, along with a cool compilation of customer's pictures flashing through - a nice personal touch, if I may just add.

Who knows? There could be a candid camera tucked right next to your seat. So, eat politely and always maintain ladylike composure!

One look around the restaurant and you'll noticed - everyone around you is hip, chic and happening.

It is quite obvious that Gangnam88 caters predominantly to the younger crowd. Chit chatter and laugh-out-louds ensuing from all directions, bearing a laidback and comfortable ambience all in all.

Everything arrived in a jiff and all at once. We struggled to find space to accommodate everything. That's the beauty of Korean dining - the abundance of it.

Green Tea (Rm5). Plum Tea (Rm7).

Unlimited Refills of 'Banchan'.

Galbi (BBQ Pork). Rm33/Rm49.

갈비주세요. When it comes to Korean BBQ feasts - the meats are usually precious.

Heated on a hotplate with a block of white charcoal lit right in front of you, these ready made chunks of succulent and perfectly marinated BBQ pork was sweet and addictive. Meant to be shared - me and my mate were literally fighting for the last piece.

Kimchi Jjigae. Rm20.

A sizzling pot of Kimchi stew filled with a plethora of cabbage, diced tofu, onions, shallots and many more greens, I really couldn't tell what is.

I have a below-than-normal tolerance towards spicy food and Gangnam 88's version came more sour than spicy, yet not too rich. Also, you have to eat this with rice!

Pat Bing Su.

A traditional Korean dessert of shaved ice with peanut powder over a handful of sweetened red beans. It reminded me of a much tone-down version of our very own ice kacang - minus the santan and the multitude of condiments. I wouldn't rush to order this again.

With so many Korean restaurants to choose from in Solaris, why Gangnam 88 you'd ask?

Overall Rating: 8/10. This is the kind of place where you can just leaned back comfortably on velvety plush sofa, under warm tones of yellow lights, sip on unlimited refills of hot green tea while watching repeats of colourfully coordinated Korean MTVs on the large screen up front. A pretty cozy change to the smoke-filled Korean BBQ eateries. Withal, the food was great and service fantastic and yes - the fact that it closes pass midnight encourages late night eating habits. The steady stream of customers walking in and out of the restaurant didn't stop, even when we left at 11 pm. We do love our-kimchi don't we?

Gangnam88 is located at:
No. 1-1, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 KL
Open Mon-Sun 11.30am to 1pm

Located at a corner shop lot, right above Coffee Bean.


  1. D: Not Korean food again!
    Oppa Gangnam style!

    The Pat Bing Soo look so measly compared to BBQ Chicken's Pat Bing Soo. It's free, is it?

    1. It's not free - I wouldn't rush to order it again. lol.

  2. Hey great photos! Am so happy to meet you the other day and definitely look forward to your next post. :)

    1. thanks darl! was great meeting you too! sure to see you in future food reviews k =)

  3. Hi hi, nice to meet u that day but can't chat with u more, hope can see you really soon :)
    Rarely can see sofa seats at Korean restaurant as it tended to be absorbed all the BBQ smell :P Predicted this will be my next hunt for Korean food!

    1. nice meeting you too darl! =)
      see you soon kayz.

  4. It seems like you are a huge fan of Korean food! I like the interior of this place, seems very cozy

    1. yah! haha.
      i wonder when i will move away from my korean cravings lol.

  5. Tried the Galbi and Kimchi Jjigae last sunday....아주 좋은 (very good)


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