Dec 18, 2013

Fahrenheit 600 @ Publika KL

It was one of those gloomy evenings, where spit-spatter of rain were evident outdoors, and all you'd feel like doing, is to curl up comfortably on a couch, munch on a bag of chips, and possibly with a suspense novel in hand.

Except that today, I'm stuck at Publika. Post - a not so satisfying coffee, some pancakes, and not knowing where to go next.

My friend suggest that we stay for dinner, and I agreed.

Fahrenheit 600

The pizzas served at Fahrenheit 600 - definitely fascinates me. Not exactly your conventional American pizza place per se, but presumably leaning more towards a fusion of the Italian gourmet versions.

Imagine handmade dough, spread thickly with traditional Italian tomato sauce, sprinkled with a handful of mozzarella cheese, then chuck into a wood-burning brick oven, fired up to 600F - that's how the name came about - something along those lines.

I love quaint looking restaurants like these - a little cluttered, a snub confused; a cross between a vintage mismatched, but with an added personalized touch - photographs and all.

Don't you find it much more conducive to dine - whilst being surrounded by a myriad of collections and with so much to look at? Well, maybe that's just me.

Pizza Menu.

Minty Lemonade. Rm8.90.

Lemon Tea. Rm5.90.

When I got home, I flipped through the old receipts tucked deep in my purse, and realised that they overcharged me on this drink - second time in a row this month. The first was at Yeast Bangsar, over a cup of cappuccino. 

I must learn how to check the bill before paying. Though its just a penny or two extra, overpaying for food does bother me sometimes.

Greek 9". Rm20.90.

Tip: Just pick a slice up with your fingers! The crusts here are thick, chewy and definitely drool-worthy.

A medley of greens with feta cheese, zucchini and mushroom, as highlights for me. You must eat this while its hot and quickly too! It may get really stale if left alone to cool for awhile. That's what happened while I was into my second slice - too caught up with chit-chatter, really.

Mushroom Gratin. Rm14.90.

With all honesty, I didn't know what gratin is, but it 'sounded' interesting. Oddly, it also reminded me of poutin. So, when I decided to give this a go, I thought - surprise me please.

When the dish arrived, the pockets of bubbles were still 'popping'. Like it was alive!

Sliced boiled potato and mushrooms tucked in a blanket of browned crumbs, butter and grated cheese, then baked. It did reminded me of cheese-baked, but way milkier and creamier. The real moments of joy came when I pried the cheese apart, popped it into mouth and devoured the gooey cheese ever so deliciously.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10. I had an awesome time grazing on the pizza and the darling oven specials. Remember - eat the pizza while its still crusty and hot! I would return to sample their calzone and perhaps, another pizza.

Fahrenheit 600 is located at:
A4-G2-05, Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas, KL
03 6206 3417               
Open daily 9am-11pm

Located a floor down from The Red Bean Bag.


  1. Interesting spread of pizza, would love to try them out, not too keen on trying out gratin though :p

  2. I like the cosy ambience of this cafe, always passing by but don't really have the chance to pay a visit yet!

    1. I'm always torn on where to eat when I go publika all the time, too many restaurants I wanna try! =)

  3. Hi Sharon,

    Nice to meet you too at the previous food review :)
    Love your blog btw...

  4. The pizza base looks thick, can be easily fill one up right? :P

    1. yes it can! it did for me!
      i wish there was cheese oozing out from the thick crust tho.. but then too much of a pizzahut feel? =)

  5. they r delicious right) i. love to dine there)! lasagna taste as good too!

    1. lasagne is good too? I defo shud drop by again some day! =)


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