Nov 20, 2013

Wondermama @ Bangsar Village I - It's All About The Desserts

Seated on a wobbly plastic chair, at a dim corner of a restaurant, with just a stream of light that shone brightly from the back - oddly, I felt at ease.

I leaned back, crossed my legs, relaxed and peeped through the gaps between the potted plants that was hung high, not far in front of me. I shivered from the gush of wind that managed to seep through.

It was late evening and dark outside. I gazed wearily at the rain that was pouring uncontrollably, wondering when it will stop so I can go home, lie down, and perhaps take a quick nap. That thought seemed a little far fetched at that point in time.

Despite being a rainy day, Wondermama was swamped with activity. I guess many were forced to stay indoors from the unexpected call from mother nature. Withal, I felt encapsulated in my own world, staring blankly into the gloomy sky whilst chit chatter were heard from afar. A worthless attempt to outbeat the roaring thunder with raised voices I'm sure.

It must be the soothing notion of drizzling rain and gloomy skies that made me wander in and out of my futile thoughts, when a faint yet distinct aroma enthralled.

I couldn't help myself but averted my eyes and starred straight down at the huge bowl of noodles that was carefully placed onto the table next to mine. A piping hot bowl of Laksa, evidently made more heart warming on a day like this. He immediately picked up his chopsticks, slurped and devoured his noodles quietly.

I tried to refocus my thoughts by squinting hard at the menu amidst the dim lights, trying to decide what to order for myself. Just when I'm sure I've made my pick, something along the lines of fusion or modern Malaysian, I contemplated by flipping through the menu pages again, as though it was the hardest decision ever made.

Finally, I shrugged and thought - I'm just gonna stick to desserts. I waved over a waitress and gave my order before going back to my day dreams.

Beef Bacon with Chocolate Ice Cream. Rm8.90.

The desserts at Wondermama are served in metal tin cups - a reminisce of the past they say. Didn't exactly impart on me likewise, generation gap perhaps. Though in all fairness, I definitely relate to what lies beneath.

I picked up a teaspoon and delicately scooped up a spoonful before gently sliding it onto my tongue. Like a little girl squirming with joy inside, my grin grew wide and I smiled.

The chocolate ice cream and marshmallow came sweet and smooth; the cornflakes crunchy; the beef bacon was salty and chewy. It was a rather peculiar yet intriguing combination. Though I felt that it only had middling results for the effort, it didn't take me long to move on to my next dessert.

Durian Crepe. Rm8.90.

Durian crepes have long been a classic favourite in my books - one of my sentimental favourites. But, I wasn't exactly inspired when I decided to give this a go - same thing, same old.

I delicately unfolded the crepe. Vanilla ice cream gushed out almost immediately with a mixture of durian pulp that followed, unravelling an weave of aromatic and rich durian scent. By now, I'm sure my neighbours found it distracting.

A mighty spoonful followed. The silky smooth combo of durian and ice cream, the nicely wrapped crepe, the crunch of cornflakes and muesli coupled with the sweetness of corn - I was decadently spoiled.

I nibbled the edge of the thin egg crepe ever so slowly, devouring every bite like I have not had something this good in the longest time. I had another tea spoon in hand, that's for the ice cream.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10. I knew my curiosity got the best of me when I ordered the beef bacon ice cream. Though fusion aren't exactly my thing, I was glad I gave it a go. The durian crepe was a classic and definitely something that I would order again. I was beckoning for more towards the end but I knew I wouldn't be able to stomach it all in one seating. The rain continued to pour while I dozed back into my cringe worthy day dreams - with a spoonful of ice cream in tow of course.

Wondermama is located at:
G6, Ground Floor, 1, Bangsar Village, 1 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL +60 3-2284 9821

Right next to Starbucks and Ben's.


  1. You ate 2 cups of dessert? Diabetes oh. LOL.

    1. ahahha. i was with a friend la. sharing is caring =)

  2. Not really can accept beef bacon in my ice-cream >.<

    1. yea. worth trying but probly a little difficult to be on top of the "Favourite list" no less.

  3. Interesting, i wonder how beef bacon and ice cream taste like though

    1. haha a combination that we - are probly not accustomed to lol.

  4. I like the durian crepe but still resist the beef bacon+ice cream..weird leh...

  5. yeah defo an odd combo lol.
    but no harm trying lol.


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