Oct 25, 2013

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara - Comfort Food

Contradictory to my blog's namesake, I am not a challenger when it comes to spicy food.

As for the Dakgalbi, which I later realised - is an extremely clever combination of what we, Malaysians love. You have to read on!

Indomee - Our all time favourite.

Spicy Sauce - Chilli goes with everything in Malaysian dishes.

Chicken Teppanyaki - We all love Japanese food don't we?

Hence, how can we not love Dakgalbi? I've heard a thing or two about the place - good and bad, but notably on how spicy the dakgalbi can get!

Uncle Jang

The first thing that popped in mind when I heard about Uncle Jang was - why not Aunty Jang? Tongue-tied.

When I step through Uncle Jang's doors, a whiff of sweet-burnt charcoal-scent followed.

The red aprons are there for a reason.

Feel free to pop it over your neck and fear not - for the red sauce that could splatter all over, especially for the sloppy or young ones. It would definitely come in handy for those wearing white too.

There is really no need for the menu - it was merely a 2 pager. Most people come here for Dak-Galbi, hence, the attached fancy BBQ-griller on all of its tables.

Unfortunately (or not), I can't take spicy food. So, we ordered 2 portions of original flavour instead of the more popular combination of 1 spicy and 1 original. Do note that there's a minimum of 2 portions per table. You can't eat this alone, really.

Uncle Jang's banchan (side dishes) includes the traditional favourites: Kimchi, a plate of sauces and a dish of onions for the vegetables. It is also worth mentioning that the Kimchi was exceptionally delightful.

Now, let me take you through the preparation of Dak-Galbi - in as little as 10 minutes!

Chuck in the chunks of marinated chicken drumsticks, Korean rice cakes, sweet potatoes and let it sizzle in the infamous Dak-galbi sauce - nothing particularly appealing just yet.
It took a good 5 minutes before the stove gradually heated up, exuding an appetizing and distinctly sweet aroma. Our server then came over and started stir-frying.

Should you have ordered 2 portions of the spicy version, be prepared with tissues in hand - as loud coughing, nostrils flaring as well as minor eyes tearing may ensued.

Within minutes, pre-boiled instant noodles are then ploughed in. I really can see why Malaysians love this. This is like Indomee - Teppanyaki style!

While our server was busy flip-flopping, I stood and gawked - amazed and starved. Check out those tasty brown bits at the bottom!

Once the chicken are all cooked and the noodles turned into a nicely charred brownish tone, the cheese goes in. Delicately sprinkled all over, like a pizza base.

It only takes seconds to melt.

Viola! Toothsome, bouncy noodles that seriously reminded me of mee-goreng but much more flavoursome with some good old cabbage and chicken chunks to boost.

How can you not love this?

Wrap it with a leafy vegetable if you'd like.

Overall Rating: 8/10. In Malaysian terms, the Dakgalbi would probably be renamed to Mee Goreng Teppanyaki. A potluck of simple comfort food that makes me happy.

Uncle Jang is located at:
11-3, Jalan Solaris 1, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 KL
03-6211 2536
Tue. 18:00-23:00
Wed.-Mon. 12:00-15:00 (Lunch)
Wed.-Mon. 18:00-23:00 (Dinner)

Once you see Maybank, a corner shoplot that is located right behind the mamak shop and directly  facing the main road, you should see Uncle Jang Mont Kiara on the third floor, with an orange colored sign board. Take the escalator up. There is also two other branches, one at Puchong and the other at Ampang.


  1. Like Indomee meh? Didn't taste like that to me. Spicy, yes. But ain't what I fancy but it's okay. That's why I always say Korean food is not what I like. LOL.

    1. I pretty much thought so - acquired taste lol. I have friends who hated this! Like gooey glimey noodles, they say lol.

  2. Hi hi blogwalking here...

    It looks like Indo Mee... hahaa.

    And I love kimchi lol. Dunno if it's a good mix though.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Interesting, we have yet to see something like this in Penang, but i do hope they have something else beside the "indomee" lol, not too fond of those instant noodles

    1. I'm sure the typical korean restaurant have this as well - just not as prominent as the one in Uncle Jang =)

  4. as your die-hard fans, i would normally visit those restaurants recommended by you but not this time...simply because i dont like korean food...hehe

    1. as your die hard fans? lol thank you la =) truly appreciate the gesture =)

  5. Love this to the MAX and normally I'll get the non-spicy one! Been there 3 times and I found that the portion is getting lesser and more oily >.<

    1. really? portion inconsistent ka? aiks. but yeah. either you love it or hate it right? =)

  6. Your post really made me feel hungry!
    I'm gonna try this when I go KL!

  7. Is ramen ok! Haha. Not indomee at all.

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