Oct 10, 2013

Mon Boulangerie and Kitchen @ Sri Petaling KL & Nuffnang Food Fest #NNFoodFest

Before I start this review, there's a couple of things I'd like to say.

Last Saturday, Nuffnang held its largest event to date - Nuffnang Food Fest.

The turnout was massive. Dozens of food vendors cooked up a storm, while a huge crowd of bloggers and keen onlookers gathered at Sunway Pyramid, diligently tweating to eat for free! Who says there's no such thing as free lunch?

There were also heaps of activities lined up on that eventful day, one of them being Food Blogging 101. Needless to say, Spicy Sharon was one of the humble speakers for that segment.

I'd never once thought that I'd be credible enough to speak at an event, let alone talk about food blogging!

Here are a couple of candid snapshots before and during the event.

I could've possibly blabbed more than I should but thank you once again Nuffnang for having me. The opportunity was greatly appreciated.

So, where were we again? Oh right - Mon Boulangerie (now, that's a mouthful!).

Mon Boulangerie & Kitchen

There's nothing quite like the thought of having cappuccino and banana toast, especially ones with charred and crusty edges!

Mon Boulangerie is no newcomer in the growing clan of restaurants in Sri Petaling.

Few weekends back, after my hefty-but-not-too-satisfying meal at Jen Noodle Restaurant nearby, we decided to pop by Mon Boulangerie for dessert and coffee - in order to keep me awake that is.

I have been told - this eatery started-off as an authentically French restaurant but gradually evolved into a fusion-based restaurant that caters more to the mainstream taste buds over the years.

Today, it's menu is filled with an assortment of Asian and Western cuisine that would make (or break) one's appetite.

One look and you'd know that the crowd-puller is not bread and pastries.

I got there slightly pass lunch time and the place was still bustling with activity. The crowd kept on coming even when we left at a little pass 4pm - packed with loyal locals I suppose.

Runners rolled by, carrying heavy trays of food while chit chatter of patrons filled the room. 

Since I only ordered desserts, I peered around, curious on the favourites being ordered here - mainly Western mains and pastas I noticed.


I sat under dimly-lit warm dangling lights while I waited for my coffee.

If not for the ghastly ghost tales that was being exchanged between me and my friend, I swear - with those lights and the comfortably mellow settings, my eyes would flap close and I would fall asleep. Really.

I was glad that my coffee came to the rescue just in time.

Espresso (Rm4.50). Cappuccino (Rm6.50).


Here, coffee prices are reasonable. My cup of Lavazza was good - smooth and served slightly warmer than usual but not too hot.

Banana French Toast. Rm6.90.


One look and I thought - I could probably make my own! (Not that simple actually)

The french toast were lightly doused in honey and syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar dusting with slices of chopped banana then toasted to a nicely charred brown. Though a bit burnt at the edges, I ain't complaining as it was still crusty, sweet and well - marvellous.

I figured the toast could've been a little thicker nonetheless. Still, what a great way to end yumcha!

Overall Rating: 6/10. If you are looking merely for a coffee and dessert place within the Sri Petaling vicinity, this might not be for you - but if you are up for a dose of Western coupled with desserts and coffee after, you could give this place a shot - there's a reason everyone orders the same thing at Mon's right?

Mon Boulangerie is located at:
Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-3265008


  1. by looking at their name you'll know that they didn't even make the effort to check their french's grammar

    1. Haha. I'm sure there are better spellers out there.
      But come to think of it - I'm sure non of us realised. =)

  2. Why is the cappuccino so small cup? And the Banana French toast look so greasy. Yeargh.

    1. Standard size leh. The one at the back you mean? That's an espresso =)
      And yes! French Toast are suppose to be greasy leh lol Thus, I'm never a huge fan.

  3. It's a pity I had to miss this one. If ever another round, you look out for banners and pom poms...LOL.

    1. hahahahhaha. i will do up pom poms or you darl! =)

  4. This is Sri Petaling, it doesn't really matter one bit it's Ma or Mon Boulangerie, nobody in and around the area can pronounce or know what it means. But don't let the French name fool anyone. When they first started, the pork-free joint served Hokkien Mee, Nasi Lemak, Yong Tao Fu among other local and Western dishes - NOT French at all!

    The food ranges from bad to average at best, nothing really stands out... but hey, this is a far cry from Bangsay or Mont' Kiara... it's Sri Petaling!

    1. Yes. I have to agree that it pays to evolve towards the likes of the neighborhood peeps. Good take =)

    2. A french name doesn't mean it's a french cuisine. If you google, "Boulangerie" means bakery or cafes. It can be a gimmick to stands out from their competitors. Anyhow, I don't think they have ever declare that they are French cuisine, so, I think it will only be fair to them if we don't judge them by the restaurant's name.

      I have tried their food, for the price paid, I would say it's far better than other cafe or restaurant within the same grade.

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  7. Spicy Sharon is magnanimous to speak highly of Mon Boulangerie (hate the name) in Sri Petaling. The restaurant has evolved from a reasonably good-food cafe to yucky food - how they achieved that in a couple of years is nothing to boast about. With the profusion of new restaurants in that area, it is surprising they are still around. Their own tiny bakery section has all but closed down (cakes and pastries are outsourced), hardly any new items on the menu, and the ambience is oh so boring. Perhaps good only for a cuppa tea or Lavazza cafe (if it's still Lavaza).

    1. I'm sure things are bound to change (both food and service) in the past 3 years since I've last visited to Mon Boulangerie. I guess from your feedback they really need to buck up. Appreciate the comment, I'm sure my readers would too =)


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