Jul 7, 2013

Bits Kitchen @ Kota Damansara (Sunway Giza) - Some Pretty Good Stuff Here

It was a Saturday night - a night that is still deemed young even when the clock strikes midnight.

What I had in mind was a hearty feast followed by World War Z - that was the plan, a plan which was better off unplanned due to the lack of time management anyhow.

No - I shall blame it on the unprecedented traffic. I shall rephrase - I am blaming myself for being a klutz when it comes to confused dinner locations #hah.

Bits Kitchen

Even before stepping into Bits Kitchen, my initial thought was - this place's pretty quiet for a Saturday night. On second thoughts, with stiff competition amongst F&B outlets in that area, I wouldn't be too surprise.

Bits Kitchen is undeniably a minimalist type-of restaurant - simple décor, colour coded tables and chairs, thus, there really wasn't much to take pictures of.

What caught my eye was the unique string of photographs dangling from the wall - probably pictures of guests since I couldn't recognize any of them after all.

A clean looking coffee bar next to the payment counter.

After what seemed like an eternity of embarrassing tummy rumblings, I finally sat down and started flipping through its menu - fickle-mindedly trying to decide what to eat.

There was a sign board outside the shop, displaying some of their signature dishes. I went with the recommendation and opted for a couple of other side dishes to go with as well.

A little more on their signature dish - red yeast rice and bamboo charcoal sandwiches.

Despite the very loud argument ensuing from behind the kitchen doors that made confused patrons shake their heads with disagreement, orders still came prompt - Great! #not

Bamboo Charcoal with Ham Lover Sandwich. Rm9.90.

The bread was amazing - it had a healthy dense texture that was toasted to a crisp perfection. The use of simple and healthy ingredients - ham, scrambled eggs, cucumber and loads of onions (I like) gave the overall sandwich a juicy twang, thus, complemented the sandwich very well. I would highly recommend this.

Red Yeast with Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Rm10.90.

Wanting to try both breads out, I opted for the red yeast version for my teriyaki grilled chicken order. The bread tasted the same - as expected, and was equally scrumptious and delightful to eat. I didn't taste much of teriyaki sauce in the grilled chicken though.

 Signature Butter Mongolia Chicken. Rm9.90.

This is d'bomb, seriously. Soaked in creamy butter sauce, the chicken thigh pieces were cooked to tender perfection with a flavourful consistency. Topped with generous shards of egg floss - my favourite, I couldn't get enough of this, a definite must-try.

Oriental Spicy Angel. Rm10.90. 

Essentially a fusion version of pan-mee but using angel hair pasta instead, this was actually not a bad combination to the taste buds but definitely tailored made for those who can take the 'hots'.

However, the noodles were simply too chopped-up for my liking - not sure if it was meant to be or just plainly cooked in a hurry.

Mushroom Soup. Rm5.90.

We also ordered a bowl of creamy mushroom soup that came a little diluted.

Mango Smoothie (Rm7.90). Honey Lemon Plum (Rm6.90)

The mango smoothie was good but the honey lemon plum tasted very much like jasmine tea rather.

Full menu available Here.

Overall Rating: 7/10. I thought the use of bamboo charcoal and red yeast for its sandwiches was a fabulous idea. It really did make a boring looking sandwich a much more colourful and exciting one! My undying preference is leaning towards the ham and egg version. The butter chicken is a must try as well - delicious!

FYI - After all that, we still made it in time for the 8pm movie.

Bits Kitchen is located at:
No. 9-1 Jalan PJU 5/9 Dataran Sunway, 47810 Petaling Jaya
03-6143 3283
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri (9am-10pm) Sat and Sun (10am-10pm)

Bits Kitchen is located along the shop lots, right behind the corner Nasi Kandar restaurant and facing Sunway Giza Mall.


  1. The butter chicken looks like pure food porn!!!! :D
    I have to say the colorful sandwiches look really cute..BUT doesn't look like enough for a meal for me though x)

    1. Yea the butter chicken is amazing! Must go try you 😍 yea sandwiches are tiny, hence order the butter chicken N sandwich. Lol

  2. Woots I love how they hang the photos on wall and the bamboo charcoal sandwiches! looks like love shape :D Btw remember me? Haha we met at kgb bangsar! :p

    1. Of course I remember you. you were sitting next to me! when's next makan2? =)


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