Jan 23, 2013

Dave's Cafe @ 1 Utama


Contrary to being a fully informative, thoroughly sampled, picture perfectly described restaurant review, I will just briefly review my experience based on my first time there, or not, casually visited take, on the named restaurant. I never do believe that an amateur foodie that have only been to a restaurant once will be able to miraculously draw up a detailed and reliable review of a restaurant.

So, this is my take as a first timer in Dave's Cafe @ 1 Utama. Yes, its Dave's CAFE not Dave's DELI.

Was there for Christmas eve dinner with a few close girl friends of mine. We all brought along with us Christmas hats and wore white as that was the theme to go for the night.

There was also complimentary Christmas cookies on the house.

Did a lot of picture taking while waiting for our food to arrive, which only came about 20-25 minutes after ordering. Which was a darn long wait I must say, since my tummy was already growling from not eating for more then 8 hours. I love this pic of me and my friends adjusting our Christmas hats. We were trying to make it stand. Utterly candid. Unfortunately, the cameraman had shaky hands. 

First up, we had the Dave's BBQ spare ribs. Half rack of 4-5 ribs cost Rm42 and a full rack of 8 ribs is priced at Rm58.

Next up, we have pizza. Hawaiian supreme or something along those lines. The crust was real crispy and not to mention generous and chunky serving of toppings. 

We also had the salmon linguine. Have I ever mention that linguine is my favorite choice of pasta? That said, I'm not a big pasta fan. Had pasta overdose when I was living in Aussieland. Home made pasta is the cheapest source of Carb I can afford to consume daily, aside from bread that is. Imagine getting a pack of linguine (2 bucks), Bolognese sauce (2 bucks), Beef mince (2 bucks). 6 bucks to make 6 meals. That's like a dollar a meal. Where to get right?!!!! Ever since the overdose of pasta for years, I vow only to take pasta if its highly raved upon, else I shall pass.

Pasta is still 50% off on weekdays/lunch then. (Not sure about now)

The last of the lot is always the best of the lot. Always save the best for the last. One of Dave's specialty, the Guinness Lamb Shank. This is Da Bomb. Portion was huge and the meat was real tender. Despite having alcohol in it, it must've been awfully mild. Did not taste alcohol one bit. Which is awesome nonetheless, wouldn't want food tasting like alcohol. Even my friends rave on my choice of this dish. *self praise*. This picture did not serve this dish much justice since it was taken at a very bad angle.

We were off to GSC for a dose of "Little Fockers" thereafter. Went straight to bed after that. 9 hours of loitering in 1 Utama does not do justice to my ankles and feet.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 for the food and atmosphere and not to mention being strategically located inside 1 Utama. The bill came up to approximately Rm250 for 5 of us, slightly on the higher side but somewhat justified.

Dave's Cafe is located at:
Ground Floor, 1-Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 
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