Sep 9, 2023

I Need A Good Night's Sleep. A Review Of The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress and Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow.

A good night's sleep is so important for me.

Do you that we spend one-third of our life sleeping? I'm probably not the most reliable source to throw out numbers here, but uncle-google tells me otherwise. Figures aside, I think I found my holy grail. I havn't slept that well in the past couple of months.

origin hybrid pro mattress and pillow review
Insomnia, the much dreaded insomnia. I'm pretty sure every living human being have experienced some form of insomnia - rolling in bed for hours, constantly checking the time on my phone pondering how much time I have left to go to sleep before my alarm goes off, resulting to counting endless sheep in my mind and listening to soothing sleep music that makes me go nuts.

Is it because of underlying stress, in which I can't pinpoint, plus it comes and goes, or perhaps its my uncomfortable sleeping arrangement - the mattress, the pillow, the sheets, though that I can definitely enhance this almost immediately.

origin hybrid pro mattress and pillow review

For me, what I typically look for in a good mattress - a good bounce, zero motion transfer and a long term warranty for wear and tear. Let me explain.

I have a tendency to sleep upright. So, if my mattress doesn't curve or bounce the right way, I would definitely feel it. The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is a thick and supportive 12-inch mattress, made with revolutionary Origin Hexagrid Memory Foam, Aeroflex Natural Latex, Polar Silk Tancel Pillow Top, PolyAdapt Open Cell Support Foam and 7-Zone ErgoCoil Support Springs. Technical wordings aside, for me, the mattresses cushions amazingly well to my curves, with medium-to-firm support, well fitted to my comfort.

I used to have a tendency to switch positions a lot throughout the night, or so I've been told, but no longer the case right now.

origin hybrid pro mattress and pillow review

I'm a very light sleeper. I can't sleep with any form of sound, light, movements of any sort, especially true when a friend bunks in. The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress Zero Motion Isolation Technology is a champion. It minimizes the feeling of flipping-and-flopping of a partner. I can now sleep in peace with any side disturbance. 

I also did a jump-test on my Instagram Video Review, you can watch it HERE.

origin hybrid pro mattress and pillow review

One thing too about mattresses is that, I have a tendency to get one for the long run, so it should not sink in that easily after a mere few years. Mattresses are so expensive, such a hassle to manoeuvre around, and the delivery costs are so hefty. I just don't want to go through the trouble of changing mattresses all the time. The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress comes with Free Delivery, an extremely long 15-year warranty period and a 120-day trial period. If I didn't like it, I would have returned it after 119-days - not in this case obviously.

The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress comes in 4 sizes : single, super single, queen and king. 

Now let's talk about the importance of a good pillow.

origin hybrid pro mattress and pillow review

There has been a long period of time that I woke up feeling lethargic, stiff shoulders, sore neck, which inevitably hindered me for days, weeks even. Maybe it's my sleeping posture, indigestion from the night before, or the fact that I'm a very light sleeper, but ultimately I figured it has a lot to do with the pillow I'm sleeping on.

Believe me or not, I have 4 different pillows on my bed right now, which I sleep on interchangeably, but none of which I feel super comfortable with, hence I've always been on the lookout for a pillow that fits me and which can provide me with proper neck support.

I really need a good nights sleep.

The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow is not your typical off the shelf pillow, its cover layer is made with Plush Hand-Sitched Tancel, and the inner layer is made with Natural Latex and Origin Coolmax Cooling Gel.

origin hybrid pro mattress and pillow review

The best-best-best part about this pillow is that it's freaking cooling. I still remember those days that I woke up in the middle of the night with that annoying warm-sinking-pillow-feeling, that causes me to constantly switch positions - no more with this one. It's a soft-to-firm pillow, tucked with a coolmax cooling gel within. 

This pillow is a godsend to my sleep comfort and also to my neck, to say the least.

What was featured in today's write-up may not be the cheapest, I have to admit. From all honesty though, sleeping and resting well is something that I really need, because waking up all-cranky and lethargic will definitely make my days less productive.

Nothing makes you more productive with a good night's sleep.

Hit up to find out more about their revolutionary products. They offer interest-free instalments, free delivery, long warranty period and also a generous trial period.

Thank you for reading guys!


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