Jan 16, 2019

[Part 1] My Braces Journey with 32 Pearls Dental @ GLO Damansara

It's really never to late to get something done - even when you're 50 and still growing strong. I, for one, have always been wanted to get my teeth straighten. A restless thought that have been lingering for years even, possibly due to the negative notion of not being to eat everything and anything I want, alongside the reflection of being aesthetically unforgiving.

There was essentially nothing gravely wrong with my teeth : two protruding rabbit tooth and one sleepy tooth (or so my friends call it). Having said that, it has been bothering me for years and I was yearning to get it aligned. Not everyone had the luxury of having braces when they were younger, so one lovely morning I woke up and impulsively asked myself, why not now?

In this write-up, Part 1 of my 2 part series, I will be documenting the first 6 months of My Braces Journey, with highlights on my experience at 32 Pearls Dental Clinic. I can't say this enough, but this 2D's play a huge role throughout my journey : Discipline and the Dentist.

For a journey that could potentially take years to complete, it was only natural for me to return someone I trusted for years already, Dr Tong Soo Huan, the founder and resident dentist of 32 Pearls Dental Clinic. Two words I can use to describe Dr Tong's workmanship here : Precise and Patient. In fact, one of the best practices I have been thus far - and you know how important that is when it comes to Orthodontic Treatments.

Here goes - the first 6 months of my orthodontic journey, in chronological order, from July'18 to Dec'18.

Address : Level 3A, GLO Damansara, Jalan Damansara, TTDI 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact Number : +6013 3872271
Opening Hours : 10am - 10pm Daily. Closed Mondays
Email : 32pearls32pearls@gmail.com
Instagram : @32pearlsdental

So 6 months down the road, now, I can confidently say that my teeth have already almost completely straighten, at about 70%. The protruding rabbit front teeth and sleeping tooth have been awaken, including rotations of 2 of my tooth. I'm clearly satisfied with the results thus far, and strangely, grew to like the tightening sensation of my teeth.

The other benefit that I reaped from wearing braces, was that my face have gotten somewhat smaller, gone were my baby fat days. So, it's not a myth, it's proven, braces really do make the face slimmer. 

In the next year or so, and hence, in the next write-up, I will be sharing on : correcting my open bite ; changing the structure of my teeth and jaw ; and the complete alignment of my teeth - and yes, there will be rubber bands involved.

I can't wait to share my overall experience. Thank you Dr Tong of 32 Pearls Dental for instilling more confidence in my smile. This feels life-changing.
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