May 16, 2017

All Slurps On The 10 Nissin Cup Noodles Flavours.

Having a full time, desk bound job would meant that I'm typically tied-up on weekdays, and hence leaving not much room for fancy meals as such. I'd usually grab whatever that was convenient, on the go, and doesn't burn a hole in my pocket.

I must to be honest here too, I'd sometimes skip meals, sometimes lunch; sometimes dinner, or I'd just go straight to supper.

The one thing I constantly craved for - especially during those rainy nights, is a hearty and piping hot bowl of cup noodles - a quintessential Malaysian anecdote of comfort food. Thank goodness it is affordable too.

There are plenty of other instant cup noodle brands in store that I considered, and Nissin is always available on the shelves. Nissin is, after all, the No.1 instant noodle brand in Japan and the best instant cup noodle in Singapore.

The best part of Nissin is that there are 10 exciting flavours to choose from. Where else can I get Chili Crab flavored cup noodles?

- The 10 Nissin Cup Noodles Flavors -

1. Tom Yam Seafood (my favourite!): It is distinctly hot and sour, with a tinge of seafood in between. The lemongrass and kaffir lime leafs simply adds aroma to the overall experience.
2. Chili Crab (my favourite!): The flavour that I was really looking forward to tasting and it's a pretty interesting one. It had a combination of sweet and salty with a hint of seafood flavour to boost the chili crab-ness.
3. Laksa (my favourite!): There's just something about laksa that leaves me tempted without fail. Nissin's version had the right balance of spiciness and coconut milk, that was oh-so-flavorsome.
4. Seafood
5. Chicken
6. Mushroom Chicken
7. Kyushu White
8. Black Pepper Crab
9. Spicy Seafood
10. Cream Of Chicken

Apart from the noodles, I'd typically add an egg (it always taste better with an egg - no joke), frozen sausages or ham and a fistful of greens just to balance everything out, based out on my own creativity of course.

The new Nissin Cup Noodles however, comes with more ingredients and garnish, thus I no longer need to go through the added hassle of preparing the extras, which is a definite bonus.

A midnight snack couldn't be as fulfilling and as simple as that.

Before I forget, check out the new Nissin Samurai Ad's below. It's pretty cool.

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