Oct 28, 2013

Coliseum Cafe and Grill Room @ Plaza 33 PJ - Good Halal Steak

Unleashing the inner-carnivore in me!

It was of pure chance that I stumbled upon this gem-of-a-place, somewhere along the lines of my food escapades.

Little did I know thereafter that this restaurant, is in fact a reknown steak house that has been around for close to a century.

Coliseum Café and Grill Room

It was nice walking into a half packed restaurant despite being very much pass lunch time. Imagine how it'd be like during peak lunch hour!

Having been open for a few months in Jaya33 and creating a bit of a buzz from its other age-old branch in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, KL, Coliseum is on its way to backing its namesake.

Recognised in the Malaysia Book of Records as the Longest Operating Western Colonial-Themed Restaurant, I wasn't surprised at the sleek interior and exterior.

It was a slightly chilly from where I sat nonetheless.

The menu is quite straightforward - Western cuisine with highlights on sizzling steaks being their House Specialty. 

Coliseum Café is also is pork free.

I couldn't go past the steak here. I mean - it is literally a sin, to not order steak at Coliseum.

I was quite taken aback when the server came over and put a bib on me upon ordering.

I peered around the restaurant and no one else was wearing a bib. I'm sure he was just being real cautious of the white top I had on that day.

Do I really look like I'm going to make a sloppy mess out of myself? When was the last time you had a bib on?

Customer service was top notch. Drinks took mere minutes, appetizer came in 5 minutes and the steak came in 10. Dessert arrived in a jiff too.

One of the happiest things a customer can rave about - no waiting time!

Complimentary Side Salad. 

Ginger Ale. Rm4.50.

Baked Crab Meat. Rm20.90.

At hindsight, portion came smaller than expected.

Served on a hard crab shell, I scooped a spoonful of the deep fried golden crust on top, revealing a mix of crab meat and condiments inside.

The flavours and textures are tantalizing, but halfway through, I had to slather on a good mound of mayo - it was sparce in seasoning. The mayo is there for a reason after all. I really enjoyed the layer of crusty deep fried crab meat nonetheless.

Would I order this again? Probably not.

Sizzling Fillet Steak. Rm51.90.

I really can see why they say this is the go-to place for steak! A thick slab of fillet was placed upon us - bubbling and sizzling away, along with the wonderfully enticing aroma that came with it.

Normally, I would opt for medium-rare but since we were sharing and my friend wasn't too keen on having likewise, we got ours done medium-well this time round.

The steak was done just right, tender and seasoned well, with a slight pinkish hue in the middle, on the thicker part of the fillet. There isn't much time to spare as you have to eat the steak quickly, as the savoury brown gravy thickens quite rapidly.

The wedges was equally appealing. Possibly homemade with tasty and crusty edges that I can never get enough of. More wedges please?

Crepe with Ice Cream. Rm8.90.

I posted in FB and IG, asking my friends to guess what's in the crepe - many said banana. On second thoughts, that could work.

The crepe was delicately folded into a blanket, on a bed of honey and there was vanilla ice cream inside! What a sweet treat to end my meal.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10. Food was good and customer service great. With a decade long of successful recipes in tow, you can't go wrong at here. That said, Coliseum didn't exactly wow me, though this may be one of the safest Steak place to go to in PJ and potential favourite for many, I'm still on the lookout for the best Steak House in town.

Coliseum Café is located at:
Ground Floor, The Plaza, Jaya 33, Section 13, Petaling Jaya.
Open 10am-10pm


  1. They put a bib on you because you look like a baby? :P

    Everytime I walk past there, it's almost empty but that is night time. Steaks may be good but steakhouse prices are usually higher than people's expectation.

    1. Now~ I would be GLAD if I STILL look like a baby lol.

      Its quiet during dinner time? Ooooooo.

    2. Babyface lah. Hahaha.

      Dunno. Maybe just so happens everytime I past by at night was a quiet night for them. LOL.

    3. baby face! lol. ok - that sorta like clashes with the height and body lol. fat face ba lol

  2. Sharon!

    I love the photos - well-lit and bright and really brought out the the best in the dishes. And this is definitely going to be a must-try restaurant! The interior looks so spacious and tastefully decorated.

    Love your writing, btw. I laughed out loud reading about the bib thing! Haha. You probably have sloppyness written all over your face babe!

    1. On the pictures - Thanks darl =)

      On the bib - really? LOL. I know I'm clumsy but.. bib? lol.

  3. I know where to have dinner with my wife on deepavali eve already... haha...by reading your blog, save lots of my time to think where to eat..; p

  4. interesting take on the baked crab. i haven't ordered it here, but from first glance, it looks quite good. hopefully they'll take note of your suggestion regarding seasoning =)

  5. Omg weih. The prices are so.....awesomely expensive!

    1. yaya. steak ma.. 'famous' steakhouse some more.
      occasional treat like this burns a hole in my wallet =/

  6. 100 years is a CENTURY
    10 years is a DECADE

  7. overrated, overpriced. steak (australian) was chewy. have had better meat at stalls.

    1. im sure this is not the best around town also =)

  8. Bib in you bcos u ordered sizzling. They don't want the sauce to "jump" on to you when served. U know how done people will make a scene of this sort of thing.


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